P.A.R.T.N.E.R. is now seeking proposals from qualified individuals, firms, and teams (hereinafter referred to as Consultant) with demonstrated experience in submitting a neighborhood renewal plan, with an emphasis on group facilitation and outreach.  


The Gateway Neighborhood has been classified as a low-income urban community by the State of New Jersey Opportunity Zone in early 2019. The first step is to reevaluate our position in the neighborhood to develop and adopt a renewal plan that intends to continue the revitalization and neighborhood building within the Gateway. A recommendation from the Gateway Neighborhood Collaborative (GNC) is the development of a renewal plan through the analysis of the current GNC implementation plan. It is our expectation that through a comprehensive planning effort, the Gateway Neighborhood will continue to drive smart and appropriate economic growth in its commercial areas, while maintaining residential living through its neighborhood and city assets.
The current GNC plan will establish guiding principles and standards for development and expansion of commercial and residential services and amenities in this mixed-use environment. A renewal plan will guide the strategic deployment of projects as a catalyst to private investment in the community.

This is a unique opportunity to combine the projects under one logical process wherein the selected Consultant can capitalize on efficiencies and holistic visioning and concept development that reflects not only the standards for the Gateway Neighborhood but a funding mechanism to support its realization.   P.A.R.T.N.E.R. is seeking a Consultant that can bring a thoughtful approach to this opportunity and maximize the utility of the available funds to this end.


The objective and ultimate goal for this project is provide a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the current GNC plan and propose a revised 10 year renewal implementation plan that will include neighborhood growth, development and an 'action plan of programmatic activities' centered in the human capital development of the gateway neighborhood residents. The renewal plan will include utilizing the community organizing approach of a neighborhood-based strategy of resident input in shaping the neighborhood and prioritizing the neighborhood goals.

RFP ID:  Renewal for GNC Neighborhood Plan

  • BIDDER's CALL MEETING: May 21, 2019, 10:15am (est)   Conference Call: (712) 770-4035 Access code: 343794 Host Pin: 1174
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 4,2019 4:00 PM (EST); hand delivered or via certified mail

Questions can be submitted prior to the Bidders meeting on; however, no answers will be provided and/or circulated prior to that date. 

Questions may be submitted in written form no later than May 24, 2019 to:

  • RFP Contact Name:  Douglas G. Dzema
  • Contact Address:  881 Amboy Ave., Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861
  • Telephone Number:  732 826-3110
  • Email Address:
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