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Who We Are

Mission & History

Our mission is simple. We want to make our community a better place through community redevelopment, neighborhood revitalization, economic self-sufficiency, and the enlisting of our volunteers to bring services to those in need. We accomplish our mission through our core values.

P.A.R.T.N.E.R.'S most important role in economic development is to accomplish our mission, which is “We provide quality, cost-effective services, facilities, and infrastructure to build an exceptional community and a great place to live.”


We have been a vital part of our community for a number of years. We were founded to serve a growing segment of our community in need of inaccessible services. We have continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission possible. Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: bring services to those in need.


  • Assist low to moderate income families with clean, safe, and affordable housing
  • Provide training & services for economic self-sufficiency and empowerment
  • Provide scholarship awards to assist our residents to obtain or continuing higher education
  • Foster redevelopment opportunities to residents and businesses for a welcome, safe,and  clean environment 


The Perth Amboy Redevelopment Team for Neighborhood Enterprise and Revitalization (P.A.R.T.N.E.R.) is a 501 C3 non-profit organization established by the Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy in 2003.

P.A.R.T.N.E.R. is committed to creating housing services and economic opportunities for low and moderate income families and individuals. Services include, but not limited to job training, career counseling, employment opportunities, job skills, budgeting, housing counseling, and stress management. These services are offered to support individuals become economically independent.

Since its formation, PA.R.T.N.E.R. has contributed over $103,000 in scholarships to public housing and section 8 participants to continue their education, and annually contributes $40,000 to fund self-sufficiency, housing counseling, and financial literacy education to the community of Perth Amboy. PA.R.T.N.E.R. has also teamed with the City of Perth Amboy’s Housing Authority to develop an 84-unit senior citizen enhanced care facility, and to redevelop a parcel of its property that formerly housed 252 public housing units.

In 2015, PARTNER was awarded a $500,000 (for the next five years) neighborhood revitalization grant award from Wells Fargo Regional Foundation for its resident driven plan entitled “Gateway Neighborhood Collaborative (GNC)”.

In 2016, PARTNER was awarded $30,000 grant from Investors Foundation to purchase its second Habitat for Humanity home for a low income family in Perth Amboy.  Ground breaking is scheduled for October 2018 in partnership with Habitat of Greater Plainfield and Middlesex County.  


Our vision is a community where families can afford to live and work in a healthy environment. To bring that vision into reality, we do - provide affordable housing along with a comprehensive counseling program to increase the skills of our residents while creating knowledgeable consumers for the in the City of Perth Amboy.

Our impact this year has changed our community!

  • Contributed in scholarships to public housing & section 8 participants.


  • Annually contributes to fund self-sufficiency, housing counseling, and financial literacy education.


  • In escrow funds. In 2022, we had 83 FSS program participants and graduated 7.