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Art Incubator Survey

Art Incubator Survey

What is an Art Incubator? An organization or program that functions to nurture the growth and development of artists, arts organizations, or arts enterprises and small businesses.

The Gateway Neighborhood Collaborative goal of an art incubator is to work with several agencies to promote eight (8) local artists where they will learn how to start their own businesses, form consortiums, and have opportunities to display and sell their works.

This survey is to assess the needs that would be most valuable to artists via this art incubator.

1. Are you an Artist?
2. What kind of medium do you work in? (Check all that apply)
3. If NO, would you consider being an artist?
4. Would you be willing to participate in workshops geared to developing your art as a business?
(The Participant Outcomes: Register as a small business & Set up 1:1 business plan session)
5. What type of workshops would you be interested in?
6. Do you think the Art Gallery is enough space to host workshops and act as studio space for artists?
7. What kind of equipment or tools would enhance our work if available? This equipment would be shared with the other incubator tenants and available on a reservation basis. Be as specific as you can.
8. Knowing that, as a tenant, you would have access to 1) shared equipment, 2) instruction on marketing and business management, 3) showings of your work sponsored by the incubator, 4) an online catalog, and other services intended to help you commercialize your work.
Would you be willing to pay for studio space?
9. Comment here if there is something you feel would assist us in creating the art incubator.

All Gateway Neighborhood Collaborative initiatives are made possible by

Wells Fargo Regional Foundation grant funding


Thank you for taking our Survey!

Our impact this year has changed our community!

  • Contributed in scholarships to public housing & section 8 participants.


  • Annually contributes to fund self-sufficiency, housing counseling, and financial literacy education.


  • In escrow funds. In 2022, we had 83 FSS program participants and graduated 7.