Neighborhood Beautification

Mural in the Gateway

On December 21, 2017, HomeTown Girl was unveiled to an audience including residents, city and county officials.

P.A.R.T.N.E.R. was awarded a Middlesex County Local Arts Grant to complete a mural project in the designated neighborhood area, coined the Gateway (map attached).  The art initiative aims to explore the strength of the Gateway Neighborhood in diversity as a way to leverage arts and culture not only as an economic engine but also as a way to bring to the neighborhood together into 3 overarching goals which will provide appropriate measurement indicators:

  1. Enhance Community Organization (Neighborhood Building
  2. Promote New Mix of Retail, Residential and other Land Uses
  3. Encourage the Expansion and Integration of Neighborhood Assets, Facilities, and Services

This strategy uses a community-based approach to neighborhood restoration in an effort to enhance the viability and improve the quality of life for its residents by creating sustainable opportunities for art and cultural venues to celebrate the diversity of the Gateway Neighborhood in Perth Amboy while enhancing the mix of retail, entertainment, to define and attract new businesses, and act as anchors for investment, employment, and revitalization.    


Complete the Application Below

This initial application is to identify artists interested in submitting mural concepts for the Gateway Neighborhood beautification initiative and showcase their proposed concept for Murals In The Gateway Neighborhood.  Exhibit and press event scheduled on selected concept.


Best way to reach you?

Please include your portfolio of work, including artist styles, best known for, current features and links to your work.

Please include a description of each sketch including paint, design, and labor.


Thank you for your interest. We will be contacting shortly!

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