Become a Perth Amboy Pedal Pal

Application for a Pedal Pal Bicycle

What is a Perth Amboy Pedal Pal?

The Perth Amboy Pedal Pal is a fundraising campaign to get 200 bikes for the youth in the Gateway Neighborhood.  

How do you become a Pedal Pal?

There are 2 ways to be part of the Perth Amboy Pedal Pal: 

  1. Sponsor a bike for a youth in the Gateway Neighborhood
  2. Fill out the application below for a youth in the Gateway Neighborhood  to receive a bicycle.  Gateway youth must reside in the Gateway Neighborhood to be eligible to receive a bicycle.

NOTE:  This is a fundraising campaign for bicycles for the youth in the Gateway Neighborhood.  Our goal is to get 200 bicycles.  Bicycles will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, while donations last.  

Perth Amboy Pedal Pal Bike Application
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