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Olga Bautista

Perth Amboy Artist Listing

Olga Bautista (Sculpture)

Artist bio/statement:

Colombian-American sculptor Olga Mercedes Bautista has been awarded several certificates of appreciation from the mayors of Newark, Jersey City and Perth Amboy. She worked for the city of Perth Amboy as a Founder-Director of the Perth Amboy Gallery, as a curator of art exhibitions, organizer of the Festival of the Andes and art shows in the city for which she was in charge in securing grants. After receiving a Master in Fine Arts Education from Kean University, she became an art teacher at the Perth Amboy High School. Bautista has hold this position for the past 19 years. Bautista holds a Studio Art, with a specialization in Fine Arts Master degree from New Jersey City University.




phone: (908) 510-8181


facebook: @olgamercedesbautista

instagram: @olgambautista

twitter: @olgabautista



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