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Maria Theresa Vazquez

Perth Amboy Artist Listing

Maria Theresa Vazquez (Music & Theater)

Artist bio/statement:

I am 22 years old and have always had the dream of becoming a famous singer and actress. I lived in Perth Amboy all my life. I started to sing at the age of 3 years old. Long before I could remember anything. I use to sit my parents down and make them watch me perform and sing in the car all the time. I attended the number 10 school and was apart of the choir as well as top in the recorder classes. I also attended the William C. McGinnis school. During that time I was apart of the choir, a flute player in the marching band, as well as started taking part in the talent shows, and musicals that took place. After graduating as the lead vocalist and the drum major, I attended Perth Amboy High School for freshman year. Within that year I took part in Amboy Idol, the Perth Amboy Marching band, and the play. I eventually transferred to the Perth Amboy Votech due to other students bullying me. I attended the Votech for the last 3 years I had of high school still continuing to perform at the high school. Eventually I graduated and attended Saint Peter's University for 4 years. While there, I continued to practice my flute playing, and my singing. I auditioned for The Voice twice and plan top do it again the next chance I get. Now I am apart of a casting company called Nine9 looking for ways to get out into the industry, as well as attending performing arts school, and being a part of community performances.




phone: (732) 306-6087



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