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Kelly Lopez

Perth Amboy Artist Listing

Kelly Lopez (Painting)

Artist bio/statement:

Kelly Loopz is a muralist and maker leveraging art to inspire and innovate. As a multi-faceted artist, her work fuses the edge of modern art influences and the essence of indigenous communities. At her core, Loopz identifies as both an artist and an activist. Her style embodies elements of her intersectional identity -- a black, Latinx first-generation American woman harnessing art & history to educate and empower communities. Her work often reflects forgotten narratives, highlighting the simplicity of truth through color. In addition to the mural work she’s installed in several cities in the US, Loopz has been featured as a resident artist at Viacom’s headquarters in Times Square NYC. A self-taught painter, Loopz also teaches art to young people and adults to collaboratively construct murals within their communities to provide platforms for creativity and reflection. Loopz is originally from Camden, NJ. She is currently based in the Greater Newark, NJ Area.





phone: (908) 906-2585

instagram: @kellyloopzart



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