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Jay Valera

Perth Amboy Artist Listing

Jay Valera (Music)

Artist bio/statement:

Jay Valera is a Singer/Songwriter originally from the Bronx New York but raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At a very young age he showed interest toward music. In his teenage years he was part of a local alternative rock band know in Santo Domingo as Leaving Town, where he played the drums. Jay also helped with the songwriting process and that is where he discovered his passion for writing and singing.

At the age of 18 he moved back to New York to begin his Singer/Songwriter career. In May of 2018 he released his debut album as an independent artist titled "27" which consists of 10 original songs written by the artist. His most popular songs and loved by his supporters are “Fuego Y Gasolin" and “Ego." Jay is currently working on new songs and possible a new album.




phone: (917) 723-3538

facebook: @jayvaleraofficial

instagram: @jayvaleraofficial

youtube: @jayvalera

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