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JairoGlyphZ (Music)

Artist bio/statement:

JairoGlyphZ is a rising Hip Hop/Rap and Spoken Word Artist from Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Jairo Castro Peña was born on Dec. 15th, 1995 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He grew up listening to living legends such as Kanye, Kendrick, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, & Fabolous. Jairo would lean more towards Rap & RnB, falling in love with bold punchlines & smart wordplay, as well as soothing melodies.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until his 4th year in college that he started writing poetry. He started writing off of pure boredom, and always found it entertaining. He also enjoyed Freestyle Cyphers with his friends But as he kept writing, he realizes that his poems started to take on a powerful meaning. Soon enough, on Nov. 30th, 2017, he would make his Historic Debut at an Open Mic Night, where he delivered a thrilling poem about corruption.

The crowd LOVED IT. Come March 2018, he started uploading his poems to SoundCloud.

Friday, March 9th, 2018 - a very special day in the history of JairoGlyphZ. On this day, JairoGlyphZ participated in Essex County College Fashion Entertainment Board's Spring 2019 Talent Showcase.
This was the first time in Jairo's life that he would ever step on a stage for a talent show, period. In light of Women's History Month (March), he chose to perform his Women Empowerment poem "SHE".
Sure enough, he was nervous prior to stepping on to the stage, especially in front of an unfamiliar crowd. When he finished delivering his poem, the crowd literally flipped!
Jairo was shocked to see the crowd's reaction. Judging took place for all 4 categories: Singers, Rappers. Spoken Word / Poetry, and Dancers.
Not only did JairoGlyphZ win 1st place for the Spoken Word Category, but he also won 1st place for the entire Talent Showcase Overall. When they announced him as the winner, he shed a few tears and the crowd started cheering and clapping.
By far one the most memorable nights of JairoGlyphZ's career that he will never forget. This fueled him with even more motivation to keep writing and inspiring others through the poems he writes.

On June 18th, 2018, he uploaded his first song ever "Ima Just Do What I Wanna Do" to SoundCloud. In just a few hours, he already had over 250 plays! For Jairo at the time, that was BIG! He also distributed his first song to all streaming platforms later that week.

Being born in the Dominican Republic, he also has huge musical influences from his roots. JairoGlyphZ put his
fluent Spanish into play. In August 2018, he released another English Track titled “We All Got It” along with 2 Spanish Trap songs: “ No Me Falta Na’ “ and “Hablan Mal”.

JairoGlyphZ would hop on to any stage to perform his poems and songs, regardless of what the crowd was like. This positive and determined mind-state has been crucial in his career. Throughout Summer 2018, he would attend different Open Mic events and artist expos.
By doing so, he was able to perform at the Newark Public Library, at Rutgers University Newark, and even Barcode in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Being so close to his hometown (Perth Amboy, NJ), and having so many connections within the city, he was given a huge opportunity to perform at the Annual Perth Amboy Dominican Festival, normally held in the Waterfront. The Annual Dominican Festival brings together the city of Perth Amboy for an entire weekend of festivities. JairoGlyphZ was one of the opening artists for that Saturday afternoon, where he performed "No Me Falta Na' " and his first English single.

Being able to perform for the Dominican Festival in his own hometown for his fellow Dominicans with only 2 months into his musical career was a truly a blessing that he'll be eternally grateful for.

He worked on his first ever Dembow track in August 2018. On Oct. 12th, 2018, he released Chinola, a Dembow song (in Spanish) full of energy that brought everyone to the dance floor. JairoGlyphZ’s have loved the song ever since, and until this day, it’s his most played song on both Apple Music & Spotify.




phone: (848) 467-1031

instagram: @jairoglyphz

soundcloud: @jairoglyphz


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